What is Metformin 850 mg Used for? Generic Metformin Prescribing Information

Metformin is a hypoglycemic tableted product used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2. The medication is prescribed during the second degree of diabetes mellitus but only when the diet therapy and physical activities do not provide the therapeutic effect.

Generic Metformin prescribing information

Metformin is used in people with obesity when the body mass index exceeds 30. This group of people is more exposed to the development of the diabetes mellitus type 2, and patients are able to control the glucose level in the blood and reduce the percentage of the fat during the pharmaceutical therapy.

Metformin is used as a monotherapy or in combination with other oral hypoglycemic products or insulin. The scheme of the treatment is determined on the basis of the medical examination and a general clinical pattern.

The medication works only during the insulin-resistance, and therefore when the diabetes is related to the deficit of insulin, it is effective to take the pills only in combination with the insulin injections.

Metformin is also taken during other diagnosis caused by the excessive sugar level in the blood or a disorder of the lipid metabolism:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome;
  • Ovulation defect;
  • Infertility;
  • High level of cholesterol in the blood/atherosclerosis;
  • Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH);
  • Gestational diabetes.

There are results of the clinical studies that state the useful application of Metformin in the treatment of the diabetes in order to reduce a risk of the pancreatic gland cancer.

A risk of the pancreatic gland cancer turns out by 62% lower in patients taking Metformin in comparison with patients who did not take it. At the same time, in the participants of the study who have taken insulin and medications of sulfonylurea, a risk of the pancreatic gland cancer was by 2,5-5% higher in comparison with normal ranges. Metformin does not influence on a production of insulin and does not stimulate the functions of the pancreatic gland.

When to Take Metformin 850 mg? Metformin Dosage

Metformin may be taken not only during the acute state of diabetes mellitus type 2. The treatment should be started during the development of the first signs of such condition as prediabetes. This condition is characterized by the stable increase of the sugar level in the blood and the development of the first signs of the insulin-resistance. If the use of Metformin is started on this stage, a risk that a patient will prevent the diabetes development is more than 50%.

The diabetes has an acute form and develops slowly. The insulin-resistance develops slowly in the tissues, and the dysfunction of the pancreatic gland also grows gradually.

If you have started taking Metformin, it is necessary to follow strict rules:

  • Take the pills 2 times per day, with the interval of at least 8 hours.
  • A single dose should not exceed more than 1000 mg.
  • The pills of Metformin should be taken with food, or after meals.
  • The pills are taken with a full glass of water.

It is better to take a pill of Metformin 850 mg in the morning during breakfast, and the second pill is taken during dinner. The daily dose should be divided into 2 parts because the average period of half-life of Metformin is 9 hours. Taking the pills 2 times per day, it is possible to keep the optimal dose of the active ingredients in the blood, so that the glucose control will be 24 hours.

Is Metformin Safe? Metformin Warnings

The most optimal therapy of diabetes currently includes the use of Metformin having a very good pharmacological effect.

However, a broad clinical use of Metformin has restrictions as to the possible development of the lactic acidosis. The numerous data testify that a risk of the development of the lactic acidosis is not possible if the contraindications for the use are followed.

To melt all concerns about the safety of Metformin, Bristol-Myers Squibb company has launched a holding of the large clinical study - the Comparative Outcomes Study of Metformin Intervention versus Conventional Approach. It is a comparative study of the Metformin safety and other anti-diabetic products, and it lasts for a year. During this study it has been indicated that a risk of the development of the lactic acidosis during the use of Metformin, and during the observance of the precautions is not higher than during the use of other hypoglycemic oral products.

Another study of Metformin conducted within the large study of the UK Prospective Diabetes Study has also confirmed a high safety of the drug. Metformin has demonstrated a high efficiency as to the frequency of the developed complications due to the diabetes including the vascular pathologies without a negative influence on the vital functions of the body.

A safety and the efficiency of Metformin has been approved by the Diabetes Prevention Program during which it has been proved that the drug reduces a risk of the diabetes development by 20-31% in comparison with placebo, during the same index of the pharmacological safety.

As to the safety of Metformin in the point of view of hepatology, and the clinical studies show good results as well. Patients taking Metformin within 3 years and more have not been found pathological changes in the liver and a disorder of the functions of its cells.

Metformin and Pregnancy. Metformin for PCOS

According to the American standards of the diabetic association, Metformin is a preferable medication for the treatment of the diabetes type 2 because it is the most effective and safe in comparison with medications of sulfonylurea and insulin injections.

Metformin has a special role in the treatment of the diabetes during pregnancy and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). If a woman is diagnosed PCOS, Metformin increases a chance of the recovery of the ovulation and pregnancy. It is proved that in 42% of cases the use of Metformin during PCOS gives a normal ovulation in a couple of months.

In spite of this data, there are precautions from doctors for the safe use of Metformin during pregnancy.

The conducted meta-analyses have proved that Metformin penetrates through the placental barrier but its toxicity for the fetus is low. The clinical studies have confirmed that the use of Metformin at early term of the pregnancy is not associated with a risk of the inborn defects. However, these studies have conducted as a part of the strict observance of the instruction for the use and doses.

It is unknown whether the overdose with Metformin influences on the fetus development, or a course of the pregnancy.

According to all conclusions, it is clear that if a woman has diabetes type 2 and takes Metformin, the pregnancy is not a reason to refuse from the treatment. A physician may change the dose or the scheme of the treatment, but a full termination of the use of Metformin may be associated with a risk for the glucose level increase in the plasma and even a development of the signs of the inborn diabetes in a baby.

Metformin Online Price. 850 mg Dosage for Sale. Where to Buy It Without Prescription?

The treatment of diabetes suggests the everyday use of Metformin 850 mg. Metformin is for sale in any pharmacy and the offer completely covers the demand on the pharmaceutical market. The only problem consists in a thing that Metformin 850 is for sale by prescription only.

Metformin Online Price. 850 mg

It gives certain problems for patients because it is necessary (at least once per month) see a doctor who will make a decision about the prescription of a new prescription for Metformin 850 mg. If you did not get a prescription, lost it, or it was expired, you will not be able to get the medication in the city pharmacies.

Metformin 850 without prescription may be received in online pharmacy only.

The internet shops supply Metformin without prescription to all people who need it. Most patients have a great experience in the use of the hypoglycemic products, and therefore they do not need to take a prescription. At the same time, patients who just start taking Metformin may get the pharmacist’s recommendations in the internet pharmacy, and when they have an opportunity, they will go to a doctor who will prescribe an individual scheme of the treatment.

Buying Metformin 850 mg without prescription is absolutely legal, and you do not have to worry. The internet pharmacies avoid the bureaucracy, and therefore buying medications online takes little time and is available to everybody.

Moreover, a cost of Metformin 850 is by 2-3 times lower in the online pharmacies than in the city pharmacies. It is explained by the fact that Metformin online is for sale without mediators, at the wholesale price of the manufacturer whilst the pharmacies set the high extra charges in order to cover the expenses on the upkeep of the pharmacy and the salary of the employees, and get more profit.

  • The average cost of Metformin 850 mg is $0,7 per pill in the online pharmacy;
  • The average cost of Metformin 850 mg is $1,83 in the city pharmacies.

Maximum Dose of Metformin. Metformin 500 mg Twice a Day

  • The maximally allowed daily dose of Metformin for adult patient with the diabetes type 2 is 2500 mg. It is a safe dose when the risk of the side effects and lactic acidosis is not increased.
  • The maximally allowed single dose of Metformin is 1000 mg.

Patients over 60 should reduce the maximal dose by 20% because they have low metabolism. And there is a risk of the accumulation of Metformin in the blood plasma, and it may increase a risk of the lactic acidosis development.